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Kilmann Diagnostics is the exclusive provider of online courses and online certification for interpreting the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI). Along with co-developing the TKI assessment, Dr. Kilmann has also authored eight additional assessment tools, twenty management books, and more than one hundred scientific articles—all of which show the practical value of his time-tested methods for managing conflict and change in all kinds of situations and organizations. During our online courses, you’ll find yourself deeply immersed in a virtual classroom with Dr. Kilmann, listening to his engaging and passionate voice while he explains the most challenging topics—conflict, change, consciousness, and quantum transformation—with the aid of his stunning presentation slides.

Watch Dr. Ralph Kilmann’s
“Welcome and Overview”
Each of His Courses

This media player enables you to experience an abridged version of Dr. Ralph Kilmann’s “Welcome and Overview” for every one of his online courses on conflict, change, consciousness, and transformation. By watching these informative videos (which vary from 6 to 12 minutes each), you’ll enjoy an engaging preview of what’s provided in more than 50 hours of videos, cases, exercises, and other educational materials in The Complete Program of 11 online courses and 9 assessment tools.

    By watching these videos, you’ll also receive an additional bonus: You’ll experience exactly what it’ll be like to watch these online courses on our media player—where you have the option to (1) select Closed Captions [CC] in English or Spanish, (2) speed up or slow down the audio-video presentation, (3) go back and forth between a full screen and a partial screen view, and (4) switch from one course video to another by clicking on any image on the right-hand portion of the media player.

    Online Courses on
    Consciousness and Transformation

    Expanding Consciousness in Organizations


    Learn how your four foundational inner conflicts can be addressed with five different conflict modes, so all your human consciousness can be brought into the workplace.

    Quantum Transformation for Organizations


    A grand overview of the eight tracks to long-term success, so members can transform an old Newtonian organization into an empowered, highly conscious, quantum organization.

    Online Courses on
    Conflict Management

    BASIC Training for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)

    BASIC Training in
    Conflict Management

    Learn how to interpret your own TKI Profile (as well as other individual profiles) and then learn to improve your conflict-handling behavior.

    GTCM for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)

    GROUP Training in
    Conflict Management

    Learn how to interpret the more intricate Group TKI Profiles, so all groups can learn how to resolve their most challenging conflicts.

    ATCM for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument

    ADVANCED Training in
    Conflict Management

    Learn how to use the TKI assessment and other tools for resolving an organization’s most complex problems and conflicts in a fast-paced world.

    Online Courses on
    Change Management

    Culture Management for Organizations


    Learn how to identify the most dysfunctional cultural norms and then replace them with healthier behavioral norms, thereby closing culture-gaps.

    Critical Thinking Skills for Organizations

    Thinking Skills

    Learn how to surface and then revise your false assumptions, so your decisions and actions will be based on today’s reality, not yesterday’s fantasy.

    Team Management Skills Training


    Learn how to identify and then close team-gaps, so all groups will be able to resolve their most complex problems and conflicts in the workplace.

    Aligning Strategy-Structure


    Learn how members can effectively self-design and self-manage the two most important formal systems in their organization.

    Designing Reward Systems for Organizations


    Learn how members can effectively self-design and self-manage the reward policies and practices that inspire high performance and satisfaction.

    Improving Process Management for Organizations


    Learn how to describe, control, and continuously improve the flow of work in an organization, including how to accelerate the rate of learning.

    Two Online Course Collections on
    Conflict Management and Change Management

    The Complete Program for Conflict Resolution and Change Management

    The Complete Program

    If you would like to develop an in-depth understanding of how to dramatically improve all the systems and processes that guide organizational members, we have an integrated sequence of online courses that not only examines each of these systems (culture, skills, teams, strategy-structure, reward systems, etc.), but also includes our 3 TKI-based courses on conflict resolution. But it will be most cost effective for you to purchase and then take The Complete Program, which includes all our 11 courses and 9 assessments at a large discount. You will receive your “Certification in Conflict & Change Management with the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument” when you pass all 11 Final Exams.

    The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument Package of Courses

    The TKI Package

    If you would like to take our 3 TKI-based courses in conflict resolution, you can purchase The TKI Package at a discount. Then, for 6 months, you’ll have access to all 12 hours of course videos, 3 course manuals (222 pages), and 2 TKI assessments. This package is a great choice for trainers, consultants, coaches, mediators, therapists, and peacebuilders who wish to gain mastery of the TKI assessment for applications with individuals, couples, groups, organizations, institutions, and nations. To earn our esteemed “Certification for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument,” you must pass three Final Exams: (1) BASIC Training, (2) GROUP Training, and (3) ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management.

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    Kilmann Diagnostics Benefit 1

    LEARN DIRECTLY FROM THE CO-CREATOR OF THE RENOWNED TKI ASSESSMENT TOOL: Dr. Ralph Kilmann is the co-author of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI), which is the world's leading assessment of conflict-handling behavior. To date, more than 8,000,000 copies of the TKI have been sold. Dr. Kilmann has been using the TKI since the time it was conceived in the early 1970s, while he was still completing his Ph.D. degree in the behavioral sciences at UCLA. All of our three online courses on conflict management, therefore, enable you to learn—directly from the author himself—how to use the TKI assessment for dramatically improving how individuals, groups, and organizations manage their conflicts.

    Kilmann Diagnostics Benefit 2

    LEARN DIRECTLY FROM THE CO-CREATOR OF SCORES OF BOOKS, ARTICLES, AND ASSESSMENT TOOLS: Dr. Kilmann has also authored more than 20 books, 100 articles, and 10 assessment tools for change management. This extensive knowledge—which was developed during his 30 years of research, teaching, and consulting as a chaired professor at the University of Pittsburgh—is utilized throughout our online courses. To ensure that all his knowledge would be perfectly translated into our series of courses on conflict, change, consciousness, and transformation, Dr. Kilmann personally created all the slide presentations and course materials—which was made possible by his undergraduate major in graphic arts at Carnegie Mellon University.

    Kilmann Diagnostics Benefit 3

    EXPERIENCE A CLOSE-UP VIDEO PRESENTATION ACCOMPANIED BY A CRYSTAL-CLEAR AUDIO RECORDING: On the video of each presentation slide, you’ll see Dr. Kilmann’s very visible pointer gracefully moving from one bulleted item to the next (or from one section of a diagram to another), perfectly in sync with his studio-recorded verbal presentation. As a result, you’ll have a front-row seat for every video presentation, along with a crystal-clear recording for the audio, in every one of our online courses. If you have a high-resolution computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll see every pixel and hear every word during each video presentation.

    Media Player For the Expanding Consciousness Course
    Kilmann Diagnostics Benefit 4

    ENJOY WATCHING OUR COURSES, TAKING OUR ASSESSMENTS, AND READING OUR BOOKS ON OUR ADVANCED E-LEARNING PLATFORM: Since all our courses are recorded and then streamed on the very best e-learning platform available, you can fully enjoy Dr. Kilmann’s unique onscreen presentations on your laptop computer or mobile device—anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. You can also take the TKI and several other assessment tools on such a high-end, online venue. Lastly, our course manuals and most of our workbooks, audiobooks, and presentation slides are available in a pdf format for your online learning convenience.

    Media Player for the Process Management Course