for Creating
Group Accounts

Download our special spreadsheet and then enter the requested information for every participant in your group

Please double-check to make sure that all the email addresses listed on your KD_Spreadsheet are 100% accurate; otherwise, one or more participants won’t receive our account email when we import your spreadsheet.

Basic Instructions

After you complete a group purchase, download the required spreadsheet by clicking on the long oblong button that’s directly above this section: DOWNLOAD KD_SPREADSHEET.

On that KD_Spreadsheet.xls file, enter the four columns of information for every client or group member: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Company Name. If you purchased an online product for someone else, then complete the KD_Spreadsheet for just that one other person.

Please do not change our KD_Spreadsheet in any way—other than to accurately enter the requested information for every group member or client, one row after another, on a single sheet. Thus, do not change or add more headings or columns, or create any additional “Sheets” on that same Excel file. And please don’t leave any empty rows between your group members.

Either leave the name of the file as is, or, if you wish to rename it, please use our convention: KD_Spreadsheet Company Name 5.31.2019.xls (whatever Company Name is entered in Column D on your spreadsheet and the Month.Day.Year, in digits, when you send us your completed spreadsheet).

Before you send us your completed spreadsheet, please double-check the accuracy of every email address: Incorrect email addresses will set in motion a lot of wasted time and effort, as group members diligently attempt to find in their inbox or junk folder what is, in fact, lost in cyberspace.


Email your carefully completed KD_Spreadsheet to:


Additional Instructions

Once you have reviewed and thus understand our BASIC INSTRUCTIONS in the previous column, click on the relevant title in this column, so you can make good use of our ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: (1) if you purchased the TKI assessment; or (2) if you purchased another product.

Next, you can learn how we manage your Group Account. Lastly, we remind you of the Copyright Agreement that you endorsed when you first logged into our website, regarding the exclusive use of the private accounts on both our website and on the publisher’s Elevate website.


If you purchased 1 TKI per person for a number of clients or group members, complete a KD_Spreadsheet for those persons, as per our BASIC INSTRUCTIONS.

If you purchased 2 TKIs per person, complete a single KD_Spreadsheet, using one row per person. In the latter case, we will assign 2 TKIs to everyone who is listed on your spreadsheet. However, if you purchased 1 TKI per person for some people and 2 TKIs per person for others, prepare two separate KD_Spreadsheets—each for a different type of TKI purchase. If you purchased either TKI product for only one other person, then complete a spreadsheet for just that one person.

When you send your carefully completed KD_Spreadsheet to groups@kilmanndiagnostics.com, also let us know the date, time, and time zone (between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) when you want us to import your spreadsheet and thus initiate the TKI process for your clients or group members. Immediately after we import your spreadsheet into our website, the one or more persons who are listed have 90 days to take their TKI assessment(s).

If you’ll be conducting a coaching session, workshop, or other type of educational program for several persons (or someone else) and you want to make use of their TKI results before that event takes place, ask them to send you their TKI Report(s) as soon as they have downloaded it.

NOTE: If you purchased a pair of TKIs for each person in your group account, see the last section below: MODIFYING THE TKI INSTRUCTIONS. You can either (1) use the default TKI instructions for the INSIDE/OUTSIDE perspective (as most people do) or (2) modify certain key words in the TKI instructions to better suit your team, department, or organization.



After you have sent us your carefully completed spreadsheet, you can then manage your group account all on your own, which is the standard practice for the great majority of our TKI Buyers. Another popular choice: You can assign the remaining tasks of your TKI project to an experienced assistant or skilled project manager (especially for large quantity orders).

Essentially, it just takes a well-organized, detail-oriented person to efficiently manage a group account, since the most important tasks primarily include: reminding your group members to take their assigned TKI by a certain date and time, keeping track of who has—and who hasn’t—completed their TKI assessment, and reminding your group members to email their personalized TKI Report to you (or a designated facilitator) as soon as they have downloaded it.

As an alternative, we can help you manage some of these most important tasks for your TKI project, which we have conveniently included in our Extra Services Bundle. However, since these extra services are time-consuming for us to manage on your behalf, we do charge $25 for each Extra Services Bundle (see purchasing details in the next section).

NOTE: If you purchase 10 or more TKI assessments at one time (or 10 or more pairs of TKI assessments), one Extra Services Bundle is automatically included in your group account.

After you have purchased (or have been automatically assigned) an Extra Services Bundle, when you send us your carefully completed KD_Spreadsheet, also let us know your preferences for these four extra services. Specifically:

  1. Let us know your 1 Download Option: (a) you want your participants to be able to download their TKI Reports or (b) you want us to delete the download button for your group account so only you (or a designated facilitator) can present your participants’ TKI Reports to them during a coaching session, workshop, or other type of educational program;
  2. Let us know if and when (the date, time, time zone, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) you want us to send 1 Reminder Email to all those persons in your group who haven’t yet completed their TKI assessments;
  3. Let us know if and when (the date, time, time zone, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) you want us to email you 1 Status Report that lists all those participants in your group account who have—or have not—completed their TKI assessments;
  4. Let us know if and when (the date, time, time zone, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) you want us to email you 1 Zip File that includes the personalized TKI Reports of all the participants in your group who have already completed their TKI assessments.

To summarize: An Extra Services Bundle includes 1 Download Option, 1 Reminder Email, 1 Status Report, and 1 Zip File. If you’d like to receive more of any or all of these extra services for your group account, you’ll then have to purchase additional Extra Services Bundles on our website.



If you wish to purchase one or more of the Extra Services Bundle (for us to help you manage your group account), please visit Special Payments, scroll down to the bottom of that page, enter the total amount for one or more Extra Service Bundles ($25 multiplied by the number of Bundles), and then complete your purchase. When the text box appears, Order notes, please enter: 1 Service Bundle for TKIs, 2 Service Bundles for TKIs, etc.

Please keep this in mind: If you need our help for managing a large group account, you can purchase as many Extra Service Bundles as necessary, which is above and beyond the 1 Extra Service Bundle that’s automatically included with a quantity purchase of 10 or more TKI assessments (or 10 or more pairs of TKI assessments).



When we import your spreadsheet, each person listed will receive an automated account email that will arrive from <no-reply@themyersbriggs.net> with the subject line: Your TKI Assessment from Kilmann Diagnostics (in the case of 1 TKI per person) or… Take Your FIRST Assessment from Kilmann Diagnostics and then followed by Take Your SECOND Assessment from Kilmann Diagnostics.

These automated emails that are sent to your participants include one or two private links so they can register their account information on the TKI publisher’s Elevate website, next take 1 or 2 TKIs (depending on what you purchased for each person in your group), and then (if you opted for the default option), they can download their personalized TKI Reports.

To play it safe, however, we’ll also provide you, the TKI buyer, with your account’s private link(s) that, if necessary, you can email to any of your participants if they notify you that they haven’t received their account email from the publisher’s website. Nevertheless, If you want to be absolutely sure that your participants will receive their automated account email from the TKI publisher, please ask the relevant IT department(s) to whitelist Elevate’s IP address: 



If you purchased two TKIs for each person in your group account, below are the most frequently used instructions for distinguishing the INSIDE/OUTSIDE perspective. The few key words that can be modified have been set in bold. But if you don’t tell us otherwise, your participants will be given these default instructions:

INSIDE your group, how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another group member? For each of the 30 pairs of statements below, select the letter (“A” or “B”) that best characterizes your behavior in your group.

OUTSIDE your group (across all other settings in your life), how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another person? For each of the 30 pairs of statements below, select the letter (“A” or “B”) that best characterizes your typical behavior in these other settings.

Please let us know IF and HOW you would like to change the focus of these instructions to: INSIDE/OUTSIDE your organization, your department; your school, the workplace… or whatever suits you. If you determine that your participants should respond to their TKIs with a different focus for INSIDE/OUTSIDE, we will place YOUR instructions in the emails that we send to your participants. But other than the above options—set in bold—for modifying those few words for distinguishing the INSIDE/OUTSIDE perspective, we do not change any other aspect of the TKI instructions, since the rest of those instructions are essential for maintaining the validity of the TKI assessment process.


After we receive your completed spreadsheet for an online course, a course collection, an online assessment (other than the TKI), or a downloadable book, unless you tell us otherwise, we will import your spreadsheet into our website in about 24 hours, which instantly sends an account email to your client(s) or group member(s). This account email will arrive from info@kilmanndiagnostics.com with the subject title: Your Online Product(s) from Kilmann Diagnostics.

This account email to your participants includes their username (email address) and, if they never had an account with us before,  a computer-generated password—so they can log into their private account on our website and access the purchased item(s) on the top-right column of their DASHBOARD: My Online Courses, My Online Assessments, and/or My Downloadable Books.

This 24-hour waiting period is intended to allow enough time for your participants to add “info@kilmanndiagnostics.com” to their email contacts or address book, so our account email will arrive in their inbox—and not in a spam or junk folder (or be blocked from their mail server altogether). If any of your participants are not sure how to “whitelist” our info@ email address, please assist them.

In case you are using very sensitive, firewall-protected email addresses for the participants on your spreadsheet (which might be the case for military organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions), to play it safe, you might what to ask the relevant IT department to whitelist our IP address: Whitelisting this IP address will ensure that your participants will receive their emails from Kilmann Diagnostics.

In spite of these firewall precautions and preventive measures, please let us know if you’d like us to import your spreadsheet as soon as possible. We will then import your spreadsheet (well before the usual 24-hour waiting period), so your group members will receive their emails from Kilmann Diagnostics in a short time.


For most group purchases, the number of persons listed on the spreadsheet will equal the quantity that you just purchased. However, if you purchased a larger quantity of an online product than the people listed on your spreadsheet (for the purpose of taking advantage of our quantity discounts), we’ll credit your group account with those extra TKIs or other online products, which we refer to as, “open slots.”

Those “open slots” in your group account can be assigned to participants any time within one year of the purchase date. But you’ll need to submit another (entirely new) KD_Spreadsheet when you know the participants who’ll be making use of those open slots in your account, which then initiates the expiration period for that online product: 90 days for an online assessment or an online course, 6 months for The TKI Package, and 1 year for The Complete Program.

If you need to send us another spreadsheet with additional group members or clients (or to correct previous email addresses that were in error), please don’t repeat the same information you have already sent us: Only send us new information for those select participants on brand-new KD_Spreadsheet (since previously used spreadsheets carry invisible information that can result in system errors). Thus, do not enter additional participants—let alone create an additional sheet—on a previously used spreadsheet.

If you follow these instructions (and all our BASIC and ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS), we’ll be able to import your spreadsheet(s) into our website (or the TKI publisher’s Elevate website) without any mishaps or unnecessary delays.


In accordance with our Copyright, Use, and Hold-Harmless Agreement, which you endorsed when you first created an account on our website (and which you must endorse every time you make a purchase), the one or more names on your completed KD_Spreadsheet are the only persons who are authorized to use our online products from their private username account on our website and on the TKI publisher’s website: Elevate.

Questions about our instructions and procedures?