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Kilmann Diagnostics is dedicated to resolving conflict throughout the world, so we naturally incorporate the Kilmann-Saxton Culture-Gap® Survey in our Culture Management Course. Why? When groups and organizations discover the significant culture-gaps that exist between their previously unwritten (mostly dysfunctional) cultural norms and the desired cultural norms that would promote high performance and satisfaction—there will be much conflict among members while discussing the best ways to close their most troublesome culture-gaps. It’s only by effectively resolving their “culture conflicts” that members can transform a dysfunctional group or organization into one whose culture actively supports long-term success in our fast-paced global village. Be prepared to experience many eureka (aha) moments!

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THE FIRST OF ITS KIND TO QUANTIFY CULTURE: The Culture-Gap Survey, published in 1983, was the first of its kind to provide a quantitative assessment of organizational culture—just one year after the first management books (Peters and Waterman's In Search of Excellence and Deal and Kennedy's Corporate Cultures) brought popular attention to this neglected topic for organizational change, improvement, and transformation. After more than 30 years of ongoing use, this survey has clearly withstood the test of time.

THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERT AT YOUR DISPOSAL: Dr. Ralph Kilmann is the co-author of the Culture-Gap Survey: If you have any questions about how to administer this assessment or interpret your results, you won't be able to find another person who has more relevant knowledge and experience.

DISCOVER THE MOST VITAL CULTURAL CHALLENGES: The Culture-Gap Survey is a self-report assessment that allows you to discover the differences between actual and desired cultural norms in four broad areas (task support, task innovation, social relationships, and personal freedom), which cover the wide range of cultural challenges that today's organizations must effectively address and resolve.

LEARN WHAT SPECIFIC GAPS ARE DERAILING YOUR GROUP: After taking this survey, you'll learn whether one or more of these four types of Culture-Gaps are interfering with the performance and satisfaction of your work group.

DOWNLOAD THE EXTENSIVE INTERPRETIVE MATERIALS: The online version of the Culture-Gap Survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. Right afterwards, you can download a file for graphing and interpreting your four Culture-Gap scores.

GRAPH YOUR CULTURE-GAP RESULTS TO SEE THE BIG-PICTURE: The interpretive materials enable you to graph your results into a Culture-Gap® Profile, so you can easily see the significance of each of the four Culture-Gaps. For that same purpose, the survey also provides Culture-Gap® Profiles for your work group, department, and the entire organization.

LEARN FROM EXAMPLES OF OTHER CULTURE-GAP RESULTS: The interpretive materials include a detailed example, so you can learn how your survey results can lead to specific strategies for cultural change.

ALSO DOWNLOAD WORK SHEETS FOR MANAGING CULTURE-GAPS: As a bonus, the online version of the Kilmann-Saxton Culture-Gap® Survey entitles you to receive a free document: Work Sheets for Identifying and Closing Culture-Gaps. This 30-page pdf file, whose paper version lists for $12.95 on and other booksellers, provides instructions and workspace for surfacing the unusual actual and desired norms that couldn't have been included in any standardized, all-purpose survey. Many work groups have found that analyzing (a) the general Culture-Gaps that emerge from our standardized survey and (B) the unique Culture-Gaps that surface during a probing group discussion together result in the most comprehensive process for improving work group and organizational cultures.


Members of groups and organizations who are ready to discover the significant culture-gaps that exist between their previously unwritten (mostly dysfunctional) cultural norms and the desired (healthy) cultural norms that would promote high performance and satisfaction—are the ideal candidates to benefit from this survey. Next, members can apply the five steps of problem management to close their most troublesome culture-gaps. Taking this survey is thus highly relevant to all these OCCUPATIONAL IDENTITIES:

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Culture management by Ralph Kilmann Course Cover


During our 6-hour course on Culture Management, you will learn how to graph Culture-Gap Profiles, so you can discover which troublesome gaps need to be closed, using the five steps of problem management. This course also presents how all group members can develop a sanctioning system to make sure that what they discuss in a safe workshop setting results in desired behavior back in the workplace.