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TKI Conflict Model

Take the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI assessment) from the person who actually co-created it: Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann. Ralph’s e-learning platform offers all his university research, online courses, and TKI certification.

About the TKI Assessment

Kilmann Diagnostics is dedicated to resolving conflict throughout the world, so we naturally include the renowned Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) in every one of our recorded online courses. Why? Because no two individuals have exactly the same needs and concerns, conflict is a natural part of our interactions with others—whether in our personal life or in our organizational life. The TKI is an online assessment that will take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete and download your personalized TKI Report—which will then help you discover the most appropriate uses for each conflict-handling mode in different situations. Be prepared to experience many eureka (aha) moments!

The TKI has been the leader in conflict resolution assessment for more than forty years. To date, more than 8,000,000 copies of the TKI have been published since 1974.

Click here to see: Sample TKI Profile and Interpretive Report.

Taking the TKI assessment in different languages: If you wish to take an online TKI from Kilmann Diagnostics in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional or Simplified), Japanese, or Swedish, you have two options: (1) taking your TKI in the chosen language, yet your TKI Report is provided in U.S. English or (2) taking your TKI in the chosen language and then downloading your TKI Report in that same translation. You can also purchase a TKI paper booklet or self-scorable TKI ebook from The Myers-Briggs Company in more than ten different languages. To learn more, visit: Translations for the TKI Assessment.

See this Dedicated TKI Page, which provides many free resources. And be sure to watch our free, very informative, Videos for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument. You can also read many Full-Length TKI Articles and TKI Blogs.


take the TKI on your laptop or desktop computer, or on your tablet or smartphone


average time to complete one TKI assessment on the publisher’s Elevate platform


download your personalized TKI Report as soon as you’ve completed the assessment


all aspects of the TKI are examined in this collection of three online courses:


THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERT AT YOUR DISPOSAL: Dr. Ralph Kilmann is the co-author of the TKI: If you have any questions about how to administer the assessment or interpret your results, you won't be able to find another person who has more TKI knowledge and experience.

LEARN ALL ABOUT YOUR CONFLICT BEHAVIOR: The TKI is a self-report assessment that allows you to discover whether you might be overusing (a high score) or underusing (a low score) one or more of these five conflict-handling modes: competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating.

COMPARE YOUR RESULTS TO THOUSANDS OF OTHERS: To determine which of your TKI mode scores are high or low, your results are compared to a. U.S. research sample of 8,000 men and women who were drawn from a pool of 59,000 TKI respondents in order to mirror the demographic distribution of the U.S. population. A subsequent cross-cultural research sample of 6,000 men and women from 16 different countries revealed only minor variations from the U.S. norms. These rather surprising results demonstrate that the TKI is measuring an aspect of conflict-handling behavior that is fairly consistent across different countries and cultures.

THE TKI IS AMAZINGLY ACCURATE: One reason that TKI results have such cross-cultural consistency is because the assessment was purposely designed to minimize the “social desirability response bias” (which is the natural tendency for people in all societies to respond to test items in order to look good to themselves or to others). Consequently, TKI results provide an accurate picture—across the globe—of how people actually behave in conflict situations.


Learning how to manage conflict more effectively is a vital skill for every human service professional who works with individuals, couples, groups, organizations, and/or nations. The TKI assessment, therefore, is relevant to all these OCCUPATIONAL IDENTITIES:

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CAUTION 2: If you wish to purchase the PAPER version of the TKI assessment for yourself, which requires you to score, graph, and interpret your own results, you must go to The Myers-Briggs Company.


The price for 1 ONLINE TKI for yourself is $45. Once you complete your purchase, you have 90 days to take the TKI assessment and download your personalized TKI report.



One TKI Per Person


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When you click on the button at the bottom of this section, you’ll be adding the online TKI to your Shopping Cart. In this section, you can make a purchase either for 1 other person or for a group of people (which, if you choose, can also include you).

However, the TKI will not be placed in your private account—unless (and not until) we receive your KD_Spreadsheet that includes your relevant information along with the same requested information about the other members in your group. See the section below: Completing Your KD_Spreadsheet.

CAUTION 1: If you wish to purchase 1 online TKI only for yourself (not for anyone else), go to the other section on this page that’s designed for that specific purpose.

CAUTION 2: If you wish to purchase the PAPER version of the TKI for 1 other person or for a group of people, which requires them to score, graph, and interpret their own results, you must go to the publisher’s website: The Myers-Briggs Company.



For 1 to 49 persons, each TKI is $45.00.
For 50 to 99 persons, each TKI is $42.50.
For 100 to 499 persons, each TKI is $40.00.
For 500 to 999 persons, each TKI is $37.50.
For 1000 or more persons, each TKI is $35.00.

In the Quantity text box at the bottom of this page, enter the number of online TKIs that you wish to purchase for a group of participants (or leave the default as 1, if you are making this purchase for just 1 other person). If you enter 50 or more TKIs, the total charge will be based on the relevant quantity discount.

Then click on the button, ADD TO CART, so you can proceed to purchase your specified quantity of TKI assessments.

Completing Your KD_Spreadsheet

After you’ve made your quantity purchase, be sure to download the KD_Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts and carefully follow the instructions.

For example, if you are buying the TKI for one other person, fill out the spreadsheet for just that one person. If you’ll be taking the TKI along with other persons in your group, please make sure to also include YOUR information on the completed KD_Spreadsheet.

When you send your carefully completed KD_Spreadsheet to, also let us know the date, time, and time zone (between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) when you want us to import your spreadsheet into our publisher’s website.

When we import your spreadsheet, every listed person will immediately receive an “account email” that provides your group’s unique PRIVATE LINK along with the step-by-step instructions for registering a private account on the publisher’s website and then taking the TKI assessment within the 90-day access period. At the same time, we will also send you that same unique PRIVATE LINK with instructions, so you can email that information to your clients or group members—just in case they never received their account email from the publisher’s website (usually due to a very sensitive firewall).

If you’ll be conducting a coaching session, workshop, or other type of educational program for several persons (or someone else) and you want to make use of their TKI results before that event takes place, ask them to send you their TKI Report as soon as they have downloaded it.

Managing Your Group Account

After you have sent us your carefully completed spreadsheet, you can then manage your group account all on your own, which is the standard practice for the great majority of our TKI Buyers. Another popular choice: You can assign the remaining tasks of your TKI project to an experienced assistant or skilled project manager (especially for large quantity orders).

Essentially, it just takes a well-organized, detail-oriented person to efficiently manage a group account, since the most important tasks primarily include: reminding your group members to take their assigned TKI by a certain date and time, keeping track of who has—and who hasn’t—completed their TKI assessment, and reminding your group members to email their personalized TKI Report to you (or a designated facilitator) as soon as they have downloaded it.

As an alternative, we can help you manage some of these most important tasks for your TKI project, which we have conveniently included in our Extra Services Bundle. However, since these extra services are time-consuming for us to manage on your behalf, we do charge $25 for each Extra Services Bundle (see purchasing details in the next section).

NOTE: If you purchase 10 or more TKI assessments at one time, one Extra Services Bundle is automatically included in your group account.

After you have purchased (or have been automatically assigned) an Extra Services Bundle, when you send us your carefully completed KD_Spreadsheet, also let us know your preferences for these four extra services. Specifically:

  1. Let us know your 1 Download Option: (a) you want your participants to be able to download their TKI Report or (b) you want us to delete the download button for your group account so only you (or a designated facilitator) can present your participants’ TKI Report to them during a coaching session, workshop, or other type of educational program;
  2. Let us know if and when (the date, time, time zone, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) you want us to send 1 Reminder Email to all those persons in your group who haven’t yet completed their TKI assessment;
  3. Let us know if and when (the date, time, time zone, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) you want us to email you 1 Status Report that lists all those participants in your group account who have—or have not—completed their TKI assessment;
  4. Let us know if and when (the date, time, time zone, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time) you want us to email you 1 Zip File that includes the personalized TKI Report of all the participants in your group who have already completed their TKI assessment.

To summarize: An Extra Services Bundle includes 1 Download Option, 1 Reminder Email, 1 Status Report, and 1 Zip File. If you’d like to receive more of any or all of these extra services for your group account, you’ll then have to purchase additional Extra Services Bundles on our website.

Purchasing an Extra Services Bundle

If you wish to purchase one or more of the Extra Services Bundle (for us to help you manage your group account), please visit Special Payments, scroll down to the bottom of that page, enter the total amount for one or more Extra Service Bundles ($25 multiplied by the number of Bundles), and then complete your purchase. When the text box appears, Order notes, please enter: 1 Service Bundle for TKIs, 2 Service Bundles for TKIs, etc.

Please note: We are trying to keep the purchase price for the TKI assessment as low as possible, rather than raising our prices just so we can include those four “extra services” for free for all TKI Buyers, whether or not they need our help in managing their group account. As such, if you choose to manage your TKI group account on your own, you can rest assured that the price you pay for the TKI assessment for your group does NOT include your paying for any services that you don’t need or won’t be using. But if TKI Group Buyers DO want our help in managing their group account, we will provide those extra services for the stipulated fee, as noted above.


One TKI Per Person – Group Purchase


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Basic Training in Conflict Management by Ralph Kilmann Course Cover

Discover the full
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TKI assessment

During our 80-minute BASIC Training in Conflict Management, not only will Dr. Kilmann help you interpret your TKI results, but you’ll also learn how to interpret other people’s results. Taking this course is the best way to make sure you are accurately interpreting TKI results—and using this assessment to its full potential. Click on the link below to learn how you can gain the most value-added knowledge from an individual’s TKI assessment.