Learn the essential groundwork for
the further evolution of human
consciousness by resolving four—
inner—foundational conflicts

Course Overview

Our 6-hour course (including a 112-page Course Manual) provides the essential groundwork for the further evolution of human consciousness. In the process of exploring how members can expand their mind/body/spirit consciousness and then bring that greater wisdom and creativity into their organization, this course necessarily includes an overview of the eight tracks of quantum transformation—which are subsequently examined in detail in our remaining online courses. In addition, this course also provides an overview of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model, since it’s necessary for members to first resolve their four foundational—inner—conflicts, before their organization can fully benefit from their expanded consciousness. But it’s not necessary for members to take the TKI assessment until sometime later, unless they would like to know their specific TKI results before they learn about the TKI Conflict Model in general.


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DOWNLOAD YOUR BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED COURSE MANUAL: This online course comes with a 112-page downloadable manual that includes an image of every presentation slide, Dr. Kilmann's personalized notes, reference material, and space for note taking.

LEARN THE PROGRESSION FROM THE BIG BANG TO THE CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION: You'll be introduced to the major revolutions in our universe, starting with the initial Big Bang, proceeding to the recent Information Age, and then realizing the advent of the new Consciousness Revolution. Since the pace of revolutions, inventions, and innovations is rapidly accelerating, the only way that organizations can achieve long-term success is by expanding the consciousness of their members.

LEARN ABOUT THE DIFFERENT STAGES OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: You'll learn about the stages of human consciousness, which profoundly affect how every complex problem or challenging conflict is addressed. In the lowest stages of consciousness, people remain stuck in shame, guilt, anger, and fear. But in the highest stages of consciousness, people radiate love, joy, peace, and compassion.

LEARN HOW TO EXPAND YOUR MIND/BODY/SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS: Dr. Kilmann then explains people must not only participate in mind/body/spirit modalities to expand their consciousness, but they must also resolve their four foundational—inner—conflicts, so they can further propel the new Consciousness Revolution, and not be left behind.

LEARN HOW TO INTEGRATE YOUR BODY, EGO, SOUL, AND SYSTEMS INTO A WHOLE PERSON: You’ll learn how the four inner conflicts produce striking polarities that split a person's body, ego, soul, systems, and relationships into fragmented—disconnected—pieces. Conveniently, each of the four inner conflicts can be addressed on the TKI Conflict Model, which reveals five different choices—and consequences—for using one conflict mode instead of another. In essence, expanding consciousness is all about resolving inner conflicts and thus becoming whole.

LEARN HOW TO INTEGRATE NEWTONIAN AND QUANTUM SYSTEMS: Once organizational members have made substantial progress on resolving their four foundational conflicts, they can address the ultimate paradox: How to resolve the inherent tensions between two radically different systems: the Newtonian Organization versus the Quantum Organization. With expanded consciousness, the members can now integrate these two dueling paradigms by creating a highly participatory Problem Management Organization (PMO).

LEARN HOW A PROBLEM MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION CAN MOBILIZE CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN SYSTEMS: You’ll learn that only by establishing such a synergistic system as the PMO, will an organization be able to mobilize the epitome of its human resources: consciousness itself.

WATCH DR. KILMANN’S KEYNOTE PRESENTATION ON THE CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION: Included in this course, you will have easy access to a 45-minute, keynote presentation that Dr. Kilmann delivered to the 2013 Global Speaker’s Summit in Vancouver, Canada: “Actively Participating in the Consciousness Revolution That’s Sweeping the Globe.”


This course provides you and your clients with the deep knowledge and practical tools for expanding the consciousness of all members and then bringing that expanded consciousness into the workplace. By empowering members to resolve their four foundational—inner—conflicts (which determine how they respond to their outer conflicts), members will then be able to contribute all their wisdom, talent, and experience to the long-term success of their organization. As such, this course is relevant to all these OCCUPATIONAL IDENTITIES:

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