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We thank you for honoring our policies, procedures, and processes on copyrights, purchases, privacy, refunds, renewals, and upgrades to our online products
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All Online Courses (including Course Manuals) are Copyright © 2009-2021 by Kilmann Diagnostics LLC. Workbook Downloads and all Online Assessments (other than the TKI) are Copyright © 1991–2021 by Organizational Design Consultants (ownership assigned to Kilmann Diagnostics LLC). All rights reserved. No part of the Online Assessments, Workbook Downloads, or Online Courses (including any visual image or sound clip from video presentations) may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise—without prior written permission of Kilmann Diagnostics.

Whether I purchased an online product for myself, or if someone else purchased an online product for me, I agree that I will not allow another person to use either my private account on this website or my registered Elevate account for taking the TKI assessment. I also agree that I will not use another person’s private account for any reason whatsoever.

Based on a one-time authorization from Kilmann Diagnostics, I agree to print one copy—and only one copy—of any Course Manual or Workbook Download for my personal use. I agree not to print additional copies of any or all pages of these copyrighted materials and not to electronically distribute any or all pages of these copyrighted materials—unless I receive prior written permission from Kilmann Diagnostics.

Regarding the Final Exam for an online course, I agree that Kilmann Diagnostics can inform my sponsor (the person who made the purchase) when I pass the exam. But my sponsor will not be informed of my score or if I happen not to pass the exam on any occasion.

Moreover, I agree that my TKI Profile and Interpretive Report (or my results and/or reports from any of KD’s other online assessment tools) can be released to whomever purchased my assessment or whomever my sponsor designates as the facilitator for a training workshop, coaching session, or other type of educational program. However, if I complete a TKI that has not been purchased beforehand, then I (or my sponsor) will be liable to pay the full amount for having taken any unauthorized (or extra) TKI assessments. This same policy applies to KD’s other online assessment tools.

I agree that my purchase of an Online Assessment, an Online Course, The Complete Program, or The TKI Package is not transferable to another person or persons. If someone else purchased any of these online products for me, that privilege is also not transferable to another person or persons. In case of group purchases, any substitution of a current (active) member for a new member must be authorized in advance.

I also agree that I will not utilize the knowledge from any online product to intentionally harm others. I further agree to release Kilmann Diagnostics (including its officers, employees, and affiliated persons and companies) from all liability, including any actions or causes of action of every kind, nature, and description arising out of, or incidental to, Online Assessments, Online Courses, Course Materials, and Workbook Downloads.


For all our online products, we must receive full payment in advance before you (or your clients) can gain access to our online courses, assessments, and books. There are only two exceptions: If you wish to purchase one of our course collections, instead of having to pay the full amount in advance, we offer: (1) The Complete Program — Interest-Free Payment Plan and (2) The TKI Package — Interest-Free Payment Plan.

If you are interested in purchasing an “extra large quantity” of an online product (e.g., a purchase of 2,000 or more TKI assessments or 20 or more online courses), please Contact Us. We might be able to offer you an even greater quantity discount than is currently displayed on our website. However, if we are able to offer you an “extra large quantity discount” for one or more of our online products, such a special offer expires 90 days later—since our operating costs do change over time.

You have several purchasing options that are based on the dollar amount of your order and your preferred method of payment. See our Privacy Policy in the next section to learn how we collect, use, and protect your billing information.

Purchase on our website: Add the item(s) you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. You can then complete your purchase by using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express. If you need to make a unique payment that is not available on any of our purchase pages, with our prior authorization, you can then use our Special Payments Page (e.g., for renewals, upgrades, and “extra large quantity discounts” for our online products).

Purchase on the phone: You can call us seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time at (949) 497-8766 and place your order. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express to make your payment, as long as the total amount of your order does not exceed $5,000 (or your charge card limit, if it’s less than $5,000).

Wire to our bank account: For any purchase of any total amount (but especially for purchases over $5,000), you can email your order to and then wire your total payment to our bank account. Please contact us for more information.

Mail to Kilmann Diagnostics: For any purchase of any total amount (but especially for purchases over $5,000), you can email your order to and send a personal or business check to:

Kilmann Diagnostics
1 Suprema Drive
Newport Coast, CA 92657

If you need an invoice for any of our purchasing options, please Contact Us.


Your privacy is very important to us. This notice summarizes the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, how it is stored, and for how long we keep it on our secure server:

As part of the purchasing process and keeping your purchases secure in your username account (which includes a unique username and password), we require your first name, last name, email address, city, state/province, country, phone number, company name (optional), and charge card information.

We use this private information for establishing your username account, processing your payments, making refunds (if necessary), handling your billing questions, providing you with invoices or receipts, informing you of discounts and price changes, and asking for your feedback about our online products and services.

We store your private information on a highly secure server for a reasonable period of time (generally, for a few years), so we can respond to your questions about your prior purchases, which includes our being able to extend to you full credit for your prior course purchases whenever you wish to benefit from our Upgrade Path to a relevant course collection. At any time, you can delete your private account on our website, along with your private information. However, if you ever want us to delete all your account information from our website, please Contact Us and let us know. We will be happy to accommodate you.

Only KD personnel have access to your account and information. We will not supply any of this information to any other persons or organizations. We only use this information to process your order and better serve your needs.


As soon as you purchase the TKI assessment for yourself, you have 90 days to complete this online assessment and download your TKI Report. Within 30 days from the purchase date, if you happen to change your mind for any reason, just contact us and you’ll receive a full refund so long as you have not yet completed the TKI. But we do not offer any refund, in whole or in part, once this initial 30-day period has elapsed or if you have already taken the TKI. NOTE: If you have access to the TKI as part of The Complete Program or the TKI Package, we do not offer any refund if you choose not to take the two “free” TKIs that are bundled with these two course collections.

We have two options for purchasing the TKI assessment in another language: Option 1 provides the TKI instructions and TKI items in that specified language, yet the TKI Report is still provided in U.S. English. As such, the same refund policy applies to our Option 1 TKI translations as it does for the all-English TKI assessment. With Option 2, however, not only are the TKI instructions and the TKI items provided in the specified language, but the personalized TKI Report is also provided in that same translation. Because of the higher expense that was involved in producing these translated TKI Reports, we do not keep those higher-priced, fully translated TKI Reports in our inventory. As such, you can only purchase Option 2 TKIs from us as a special order, and therefore, once purchased, your Option 2 order is not subject to refunds, in whole or in part.

When you purchase the TKI for someone else (for one client) or for several other persons (for a training program), the TKI’s 90-day expiration period begins as soon as we import your KD_Spreadsheet (which includes the required account information for one or more persons). Within 30 days from the purchase date, if you change your mind for any reason (if, for example, your training program gets cancelled), just contact us and you’ll receive a full refund for any unused TKIs. But we do not offer any refund, in whole or in part, once this initial 30-day period has elapsed or for any group members who’ve already taken the TKI assessment.

Because making a group purchase allows you to submit fewer names on your KD_Spreadsheet than the number of TKIs that you purchase, there might be a number of open, unassigned TKIs in your account. At a later date, these open TKI slots can be assigned to additional group members through a new KD Spreadsheet. But if one year has elapsed since the date of purchase and your account still has unassigned TKIs, those open slots officially expire and can no longer be assigned to any persons.

Some of your assigned members might drop out of a training program before they take the TKI and before their TKI expires. For this case, you have the option of asking us to reassign those unused (but still active) TKIs to your next group purchase—if that purchase is made within that same 90-day period. An initially assigned TKI, however, can be reassigned to another person only once—since it is a time-consuming process.

NOTE: The same refund policies above also apply to our other online assessment tools (i.e., the Kilmann-Saxton Culture-Gap® Survey, the Organizational Courage Assessment, and the Kilmann Organizational Conflict Instrument), whether you purchase one of these two assessments for yourself or if you purchase it for one or more other participants.

As soon as you purchase any of our online courses, course collections, or downloadable books for yourself or for others, you or your clients will have instant access to these online services. Since it isn’t possible to return any of these intangibles to us, we don’t offer any refund in whole or in part—nor do we allow any product transfers or participant substitutions—for any of our courses, course collections, or downloadable books.

When you purchase any of our online courses, course collections, or downloadable books for someone else (or for several participants), the access period begins when we import your KD_Spreadsheet. If you have purchased one of these online products for more people than are listed on your initial spreadsheet, those unassigned slots are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Those open slots can subsequently be assigned to additional members with a new KD_Spreadsheet. But if one year has elapsed since the date of purchase and your account still has unassigned online courses, course collections, or downloadable books, those open slots officially expire and can no longer be assigned to any persons.


If you would like to extend the access period for our online courses or course collections, or if you wish to extend the access period for group accounts of two or more TKI assessments (or for our other online assessment tools), for 50% of the current price of these online products, you can renew your private access (or your clients’ private access) for our website’s same stipulated expiration period for these online products. However, single TKI purchases (or single purchases of our other online assessment tools) are strictly excluded from renewal. 

As indicated on our website, online courses and online assessment tools (including the TKI) expire in 90 days—once they’ve been activated in a private account. Regarding our two course collections, the TKI Package of three online courses in conflict management expires in 6 months, while The Complete Program of all our online courses expires in 1 year—both from the date of activation. Regarding group purchases of our online products, all unassigned slots in a group account (not yet activated in any private account) expire in 1 year from the date of purchase.

Visit Special Payments to use our Renewal Policy for extending the access period of an authorized product.


If you previously purchased one or more of our separate online courses (regardless if those courses are still active in your account or if they have already expired), we offer an Upgrade Path that will apply full credit for whatever amount you previously paid for one or more or our online courses (whether you paid the regular price or a discounted price) toward one of our two course collections—provided that each individual course that you previously purchased is included in the course collection.

For example, you can upgrade from BASIC Training to either course collection, since both course collections include the BASIC course. But you cannot upgrade from the Culture Management Course to The TKI Package, since the latter does not include the Culture Management Course. However, you cannot upgrade from one individual course to another individual course; you can only upgrade to a course collection.

Besides taking advantage of all your previous separate course purchases, you can also receive full credit for your previous purchase of The TKI Package of our three courses on conflict management (whether you paid the regular price or a discounted price) toward the regular purchase price of The Complete Program of our eleven online courses and eight assessment tools—so you can further your knowledge about those additional timeless topics of expanding consciousness, quantum transformation, and change management. However, when you upgrade from our smaller course collection to The Complete Program, you do not receive an additional two TKIs in your account, since two TKIs were already gifted to you when you purchased The TKI Package.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot receive credit for your previous purchases of any of our other online products (e.g., the TKI assessment) while upgrading to either course collection.

Our Upgrade Path thus allows you to purchase any of our separate courses (or The TKI Package) knowing full well that you can always upgrade your investment at a later time, whenever you wish to benefit from the significant cost savings of our course collections (versus buying each online course separately). Our course collections also include a much longer time period for accessing each course as well as your receiving our highest level of certification when you successfully pass the set of required Final Exams for either The Complete Program or The TKI Package.

Visit Special Payments to see the step-by-step process for purchasing an upgrade to a course collection.

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