Certification in Our Online Courses and Course Collections

By passing the required Final Exams, you can earn our certification in conflict resolution & change management with the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)

Two Certificates of
Completion and Our
Two Certifications

You’ll receive our official Certificate of Completion when you pass the Final Exam for either of our two most intellectually challenging online courses: (1) ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management and (2) Critical Thinking Skills. Although each of our remaining eleven courses includes a Final Exam, there is no Certificate of Completion (or Certificate of Achievement) when you pass these other Final Exams. Nevertheless, when you pass ALL the required Final Exams for either of our two course collections (the eleven Final Exams for The Complete Program or the three Final Exams for The TKI Package) you’ll receive a Certificate of Mastery (i.e., Certification) as well as a digital logo that showcases your mastery of our sequence of courses on conflict management and change management, which you can then proudly display on your own website.

Many consultants, trainers, coaches, and mediators have earned either or both of our two Certifications so they can provide their clients with the highest level of expertise in using the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) and our eight other assessment tools, as well as making effective use of the sequence of eight tracks for quantum transformation.

The Vital Foundation

We offer two foundational courses that not only examine the thread of self-aware consciousness (which runs through all our online courses), but also provide a grand overview of our entire series of courses on conflict management and change management. In addition, Quantum Transformation provides three self-report assessments, including the Kilmann-Covin Organizational Influence Survey and the Organizational Courage Assessment. 

00. Expanding
Expanding Consciousness in Organizations
0. Quantum
Quantum Transformation for Organizations

Conflict Management

If it’s important to you to see THE BIG PICTURE at the start so you can learn how all the pieces fit together, then begin your process toward certification by taking the Expanding Consciousness Course and the Quantum Transformation Course. However, if you would first like to get some solid “hands-on” experience with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and how it can improve conflict management in the workplace, then begin with either (1) BASIC Training or (2) ADVANCED Training, as described below. Indeed, some people prefer to take our two foundational courses after they’ve completed all of our other online courses, since Expanding Consciousness and Quantum Transformation can then serve as the integrative threads that tie everything together. Naturally, if your goal is to earn Certification for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (and not on any aspect of change management), you can then bypass our two foundational courses altogether (since the Final Exams for our two foundational courses are not required for TKI Certification).

If you’re still new to the TKI assessment, we recommend you take our 2-hour course on BASIC Training in Conflict Management. If, however, you’re already well versed in the TKI and its uses, you can proceed by taking our 8-hour ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management.

Taking our BASIC and/or ADVANCED Training will enable you to develop and interpret individual TKI Profiles. Then you’ll be ready to take our GROUP Training in Conflict Management, where you will learn how to develop and interpret the more intricate group TKI Profiles. These Group TKI Profiles require members to complete two TKI assessments with modified instructions in each case: (1) INSIDE your group, how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another group member? (2) OUTSIDE your group (across all other settings in your life), how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another person?

The results from these two TKI assessments can then be sorted into HIGH and LOW scores that show how conflict modes are being used both INSIDE and OUTSIDE a group. Our GROUP Training course concludes by presenting the Conflict Management Matrix, which provides action recommendations that result from various combinations of (a) transforming systems, (b) developing people, and (3) transferring the conflict management wisdom from one group setting to another.

Even if you begin with the BASIC course and then take GROUP Training, however, you’ll still need to take the eight-hour ADVANCED course, since the latter is the foundation for a deep appreciation of the TKI and conflict management in organizations. Indeed, the knowledge learned in ADVANCED Training is used throughout our remaining online courses.

Training in
BASIC Training for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)
Training in
GTCM for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)
Training in
ATCM for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument

It will be most important for you to take and pass the Final Exam in the ADVANCED course, by receiving at least an 88 out of 100 points on 25 multiple-choice questions. By passing this exam, you’ll earn the Certificate of Completion for Advanced Training in Conflict Management:

The ADVANCED Training Certificate of Completion

Change Management

Building on BASIC, GROUP, and ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management, the next step for additional certification is for you to take our series of online courses on change management.

These online courses, which parallel the eight tracks for quantum transformation, make further use of the TKI and also include several additional assessment tools: Kilmann-Saxton Culture-Gap® Survey, Kilmanns Organizational Belief Survey, Kilmanns Time-Gap Survey, Kilmanns Team-Gap Survey, and the Kilmann Organizational Conflict Instrument (KOCI).

4. Culture
Culture Management for Organizations
5. Critical
Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Skills for Organizations
6. Team
Team Management Skills Training
7. Strategy-
Aligning Strategy-Structure
8. Reward
Designing Reward Systems for Organizations
9. Process Management
Improving Process Management for Organizations

It will be important for you to take and pass the Final Exam for the Critical Thinking Course, by receiving at least an 88 out of 100 points on 25 multiple-choice questions. By passing this exam, you’ll earn the Certificate of Completion for the Critical Thinking Course:

The Critical Thinking Skills Certificate of Completion

Course Collections

If you plan on taking several of our online courses, it will be most cost effective for you to take The Complete Program, which includes our sequence of eleven online courses and nine assessment tools at a significant discount (including two TKI assessments). When you purchase The Complete Program, you’ll have access to all Course Manuals (for a total of 1,410 professionally designed pages), just as if you had purchased our courses one at a time. Moreover, instead of the expiration period of 90 days for each of the separately purchased courses, your purchase of The Complete Program gives you access to all our online courses for an entire year.

If you would like to focus on the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, you can purchase The TKI Package of our three TKI-based online courses (which you can buy at a nice savings). With The TKI Package, you’ll have access to all three Course Manuals (for a total of 222 pages), just as if you had purchased these courses one at a time. And instead of the expiration period of 90 days for each of the separately purchased courses, your purchase of The TKI Package gives you access to the three courses for six months. Since these courses recommend that you take the TKI assessment twice, each with modified instructions, The TKI Package also includes your two TKI assessments.

10. The Complete Program
The Complete Program for Conflict Resolution and Change Management
11. The TKI
The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument Package of Courses

If you purchase (or are assigned) The Complete Program, when you pass all eleven Final Exams (one for each course), you’ll earn your Certification in Conflict & Change Management with the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument. This achievement represents our highest level of certification for using the TKI and our other assessment tools for personal growth, organizational development, and quantum transformation:

Certification in The Complete Program

If you purchase (or are assigned) The TKI Package, when you pass the three required Final Exams (one for each TKI-based course), you’ll earn your Certification in the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. This achievement signifies your mastery of the TKI assessment for individuals, groups, and organizations (but excludes your mastery of change management with the eight tracks of quantum transformation):

Certification in The TKI Package

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