Live Events on Conflict Resolution and Change Management

Our licensed facilitators and practitioners can help you enhance your own as well as your clients’ conflict resolution strategies and change management skills, including how to effectively use the TKI assessment tool in a great variety of interpersonal and organizational settings
Kilmann Diagnostics Licensed Organizations

How to Arrange for
LIVE Coaching, Counseling,
Training, and Consulting Programs on
Conflict Resolution and
Change Management


Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) has carefully selected and licensed a few excellent organizations to design and facilitate awesome LIVE EVENTS on its behalf—thereby making effective use of KD’s intellectual property, including its assessment tools, presentation slides, course manuals, and group exercises.

Please contact our licensed organizations directly, so you can discuss with them what you have in mind for a LIVE EVENT (in-person coaching, counseling, training, and consulting services) on conflict management, change management, expanding consciousness, and quantum transformation:

Here is our carefully considered pedagogy for maximizing skill development:

Acquiring in-depth, conceptual knowledge about conflict and change can be successfully achieved by diligently taking KD’s integrated sequence of recorded online courses. But it’s only by also actively participating in live group discussions and engaging experiential exercises, that your group members can—and will—develop the vital behavioral skills for successfully applying their recently acquired in-depth knowledge into their daily life in all kinds of interpersonal and organizational settings.

Bottom line: The ultimate benefit of enhancing both cognitive knowledge AND behavioral skills is that participants will become fully capable of significantly improving the success and satisfaction of their families, friends, communities, organizations, and nations.

The Two Steps

FIRST: One of our licensed organizations can arrange for you and your clients to acquire the paradigm-breaking knowledge about the interface of conflict, change, consciousness, and transformation—by first mastering the relevant online courses from Kilmann Diagnostics, such as BASIC Training in Conflict Management, GROUP Training in Conflict Management, and ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management. Most importantly, through these courses, your participants will learn the in-depth knowledge about conflict and change directly from the developer of all those scientifically tested theories and validated assessment tools: Dr. Ralph Kilmann.

SECOND: Once your participants have mastered the extensive knowledge that’s presented in our series of recorded online courses, one of our licensed organizations will then design and conduct an experiential, highly engaging, LIVE experience, which will ensure that everyone’s in-depth knowledge about conflict and change will significantly improve their work life as well as their personal life. The same approach applies for one-on-one coaching or counseling sessions as well as all kinds of corporate training programs and consulting projects.

Licensed Organizations by
Kilmann Diagnostics

Kilmann Diagnostics Licensed Organizations


United States and Canada

Driven Leadership

Eric McGrath

Eric McGrath
Chief Excellence Officer
Located in the U.S.
Driven Leadership

Mary Belden-McGrath

Mary Belden-McGrath
Chief Relationship Officer
Located in the U.S.
Driven Leadership

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8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Pacific Time:
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Spain, Latin America, and
All Spanish Speaking Participants

Belen Website

Belen Moya

Belén Moya Gutiérrez
Certified Counselor
Located in Spain
Belén’s Website

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