Kilmann Diagnostics
Endorses the Mission of These Quantum Organizations

We endorse organizations that are effectively and ethically contributing to our mission of resolving conflict throughout the world—as based on the eight tracks of quantum transformation
KD Endorsed Organizations

Quantum Organizations Whose Missions Are Endorsed by Kilmann Diagnostics

Kilmann's Quantum Organizations


quantum organization continuously encourages its members to thoroughly examine — and expand — their mind/body/spirit consciousness and then utilize that expanded consciousness to resolve their many complex problems and conflicts in the most effective, efficient, and satisfying manner possible.

More specifically, these are the 7 defining properties of a quantum organization:

  1. Members Actively Participate in Designing Their Surrounding Systems.
  2. Members Actively Participate in Designing Their Business Processes.
  3. Members Explicitly Manage What Flows Between the Cracks on the Organization Chart.
  4. Members Self-Manage Their Self-Designed Organization.
  5. Members Expand Their Mind/Body/Spirit Consciousness.
  6. Members Maintain Healthy Relationships with Key Stakeholders.
  7. Members Continually Transform Themselves and Their Organization.

See pages 19 to 27 in Ralph Kilmann’s legacy book, Creating a Quantum Organization  (Newport Coast, CA: Kilmann Diagnostics, 2021), for a detailed discussion of each of the 7 defining properties of a quantum organization.

Creating a Quantum Organization