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Do you manage conflict differently
when you are inside versus outside your
group or organization?

Take the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI assessment) from the person who co-created it: Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann. Ralph’s e-learning platform offers all his research, online courses, and TKI certifications.

Why take two Assessments?

As described in our recorded online course, GROUP Training in Conflict Management, there are several benefits for taking TWO separate TKI assessments, each with modified instructions: (1) how you manage differences INSIDE your group and (2) how you manage differences OUTSIDE your group (across all other settings in your life).

By taking these two modified TKI assessments, you will learn how the leader, the other members, the culture, and the reward system might be unduly influencing how conflict is being managed in your group—which has not led to satisfactory outcomes for you, the group as a whole, and other key stakeholders. But once you (and your group members) receive the two TKI Reports from those two modified TKI assessments, members will be able to discuss which conflict modes are most needed for success INSIDE their group, while they also realize which conflict modes they’re already using effectively OUTSIDE their group. It will then be much easier for members to significantly improve their group’s conflict-handling behavior, which includes redesigning and aligning their surrounding systems so they’ll be able to use all five modes INSIDE their group—as the situation requires.

Click here to see: Sample Results and Interpretive Materials.

NOTE: If you wish to take two online TKIs from Kilmann Diagnostics in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional or Simplified), Japanese, or Swedish, please Contact Us for our special pricing and refund policy for these special-order, professionally translated TKI assessments, each of which produces a personalized TKI Report for the respondent in that same written language. You can also purchase and then take two TKIs in different mediums (in a paper booklet or with a self-scorable ebook) in more than 10 different languages: Translations for the TKI Assessment.

See this Dedicated TKI Page, which provides many free resources. And be sure to watch our free, very informative, Videos for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument. You can also read our many Full-Length TKI Articles and TKI Blogs.


take 2 TKIs on your laptop or desktop computer, or on your tablet or smartphone


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download each personalized TKI Report as soon as you’ve completed the assessment


the benefits of taking 2 TKIs per person are discussed in our recorded online course:


THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERT AT YOUR DISPOSAL: Dr. Ralph Kilmann is the co-author of the TKI: If you have any questions about how to administer the assessment or interpret your results, you won't be able to find another person who has more TKI knowledge and experience.

LEARN ALL ABOUT YOUR CONFLICT BEHAVIOR: The TKI is a self-report assessment that allows you to discover whether you might be overusing (a high score) or underusing (a low score) one or more of these five conflict-handling modes: competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating.

COMPARE YOUR RESULTS TO THOUSANDS OF OTHERS: To determine which of your TKI mode scores are high or low, your results are compared to a. U.S. research sample of 8,000 men and women who were drawn from a pool of 59,000 TKI respondents in order to mirror the demographic distribution of the U.S. population. A subsequent cross-cultural research sample of 6,000 men and women from 16 different countries revealed only minor variations from the U.S. norms. These rather surprising results demonstrate that the TKI is measuring an aspect of conflict-handling behavior that is fairly consistent across different countries and cultures.

THE TKI IS AMAZINGLY ACCURATE: One reason that TKI results have such cross-cultural consistency is because the assessment was purposely designed to minimize the “social desirability response bias” (which is the natural tendency for people in all societies to respond to test items in order to look good to themselves or to others). Consequently, TKI results provide an accurate picture—across the globe—of how people actually behave in conflict situations.

MODIFYING THE TKI INSTRUCTIONS OFTEN LEADS TO EVEN GREATER ACCURACY IN RESULTS: For the first TKI assessment, respondents are instructed to consider only how conflict is managed in their particular group—in contrast to the standard instructions that asks them to consider all situations in one bundle. With modified instructions, therefore, the results for the group will not be diluted by how conflict is being managed in other situations.

LEARNING HOW ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS AFFECT CONFLICT-HANDLING BEHAVIOR IS AN EYE-OPENER FOR ANY GROUP: For the second TKI assessment, respondents are instructed to consider how conflict is being managed outside their group. With these modified instructions, it’s now possible to examine the differences between conflict management inside versus outside the group, which is primarily shaped by the behavior and systems that can dominate group members: the leaders, the culture, and the reward system, to name a few.


Taking 2 TKIs per person (the first TKI for INSIDE the group and the second TKI for OUTSIDE the group) allows respondents to discover the impact of their leader, their culture, the reward system, and the key attributes of their unique situation on the group’s conflict-handling behavior. Taking 2 TKIs per person is highly relevant to these OCCUPATIONAL IDENTITIES:

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Only for Yourself

The price for two TKIs is $90. Click on the button below to place a pair of online TKI assessments into your shopping cart. Once you complete your purchase, you have 90 days to take both TKI assessments and download your two personalized TKI reports: one for inside your group and the other for outside your group.

Two TKIs Per Person


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Purchase 2 TKIs per Person

For Others

For 1 to 24 persons, each pair of TKIs is $90.
For 25 to 49 persons, each pair of TKIs is $85.
For 50 to 249 persons, each pair of TKIs is $80.
For 250 to 499 persons, each pair of TKIs is $75.
For 500 or more, each pair of TKIs is $70.

Click on the button below to place a pair of online TKI assessments for one or more other persons into your shopping cart. If you enter 25 or more pairs of TKIs during the purchasing process, the total charge will be based on the relevant quantity discount. As soon as two TKIs are assigned to each person on your spreadsheet (see below), he or she has 90 days to take both TKI assessments and download both TKI Reports.

Here are the TKI instructions for INSIDE/OUTSIDE. The words that can be changed have been set in bold.

INSIDE your group, how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another group member? For each of the 30 pairs of statements below, select the letter (“A” or “B”) that best characterizes your behavior in your group.

OUTSIDE your group (across all other settings in your life), how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another person? For each of the 30 pairs of statements below, select the letter (“A” or “B”) that best characterizes your typical behavior in these other settings.

Please let us know if you would like to change the focus of these instructions to: INSIDE/OUTSIDE your organization, your department; your school, the workplace… or whatever suits you. If you prefer that your participants respond to their TKIs with a different focus for INSIDE/OUTSIDE, we will place YOUR instructions in the emails that we send to your participants. But other than the INSIDE/OUTSIDE focus, we do not change any other aspect of the TKI instructions, since the rest of those instructions are essential for maintaining the validity of the TKI assessment process.

After you complete your checkout, please download The KD_Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts and follow the instructions. If you are buying a pair of TKIs for another person, fill out the spreadsheet for just that one person.

If you’ll be conducting an educational program for several members and you want to make use of their two TKI results before that meeting, ask them to send you a copy of their two personalized reports as soon as they have downloaded them.

Two TKIs Per Person – Group Purchase


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Group training in conflict management by Ralph Kilmann

Discover the full
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If you will be purchasing a pair of TKIs for each member in a group, consider taking our three-hour GROUP Training course, which will help you develop and interpret “Group TKI Profiles.” This course will enable consultants, trainers, and coaches to improve how conflict is managed in the workplace far beyond what is possible from simply averaging “Individual TKI Profiles.” In addition, once you create an account on our website, click on “My Free Gifts” on your Dashboard and you’ll have access to Dr. Kilmann’s 25-minute webinar: “Using the TKI to Its Full Potential.”