PLEASE NOTE: This ADD TO CART button is for purchasing the TKI TEAM Report (starting at $60 per team member), which provides specific TEAM statistics and TEAM charts that reveal how team members, as a whole, handle conflict within their team. As soon as everyone on that team has completed their TKI assessment, we can then send you all the personalized TKI Team Reports for those team members, along with an overall Team Facilitator’s Report. However, if you would like your participants to be able to download their TKI results just as soon as they have completed the assessment (although that purchase then requires YOU to create your own summary statistics for that team as a whole), go to our web page for purchasing the TKI Individual Reports (starting at the lower price of $50 per respondent). 

To purchase the TKI TEAM Report (and NOT the TKI Individual Report), add the quantity you wish to purchase and then click on the button below:

The TKI Team Report – Group Purchase


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