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Volume III

6. Gradual Process Track
7. Radical Process Track
8. Learning Process Track
Slides for Implementing the Tracks: Volume III

About the Slides

Slides Volume III is a pdf file that you can purchase for $90, so long as you have already been certified in The Complete Program. This is our way of ensuring that our extensive materials for quantum transformation will be used as intended. A total of 320 presentation slides visually portray the core concepts and methods for the last three tracks of Kilmann’s eight-track program for achieving quantum transformation. These presentation slides are organized into separate chapters for each of the one-day workshops in the program and are paginated to correspond to the identical page in the Workbook for Implementing the Tracks: Volume III. Each slide can be projected on a large screen via readily available presentation hardware and software.


Workbook Volume III is 450 pages in total. It begins with two one-day workshop sessions in the gradual process track—highlighting the most value-added principles and practices from total quality management (which can only succeed AFTER successfully implementing the prior five tracks). Volume III then provides a one-day workshop session for the radical process track—highlighting the best principles and practices from business process reengineering and process innovation (which can only succeed AFTER the proper foundation has been created with the prior six tracks). This latter one-day workshop also includes an introduction to the learning process track—providing the best approaches to organizational learning (which must be built on the successful implementation of the prior seven tracks). These three process tracks constitute the newest aspects of the sequential eight-track program, expanding upon the original five system tracks (covering both the informal and formal systems in the organization). As such, Volume III makes extensive use of all the prior materials and discussions in Volume I and Volume II.


Volume III includes a total of 320 presentation/overhead slides (8.5 x 11 inch format each) and are numbered to correspond to the exact page in the Workbook where these slides are presented and discussed. NOTE: On that corresponding page in the Workbook, each overhead slide is reproduced in a smaller format, which leaves room for Dr. Kilmann’s printed comments and extra space for note taking. All slides are in a pdf file (Acrobat), which can be used as a formal slide presentation—via a laptop computer, screen, and projector.

Slides for Volume III is a pdf file that you can purchase for $90, so long as you have already been certified in The Complete Program.

Table of Contents

Chapter 16. Gradual Process Track Session One

Chapter 17: Gradual Process Track Session Two

Chapter 18: Radical/Learning Process Tracks


If you are ready to guide your clients through the last three tracks of quantum transformation (gradual process track, radical process track, and learning process track), these professionally designed slides will provide you with the perfectly worded text along with beautifully designed diagrams for effectively delivering a series of one-day workshops to your clients. Volume III is relevant to these OCCUPATIONAL IDENTITIES:

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