Free Videos and Podcasts About
The TKI Instrument and Its Application for Resolving All Kinds of Conflicts

Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann and friends present the most valuable lessons learned from decades of resolving intrapersonal, interpersonal, and organizational conflicts

Dr. Ralph Kilmann
Celebrates 50 Years of the
Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)
(January 2024)

Kenneth Thomas, Ralph Kilmann,
and Gail Thomas Answer the
Toughest TKI Questions
(February 2024)

Marc Lainhart and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(September 2023)

Patricia Raskin and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(September 2023)

Podcast with Patricia Raskin

Randi Fine and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(September 2023)

Jay Feldman and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(August 2023)

Ask an Expert

Andrew Beveridge and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(July 2023)

Ask an Expert

Pete Mockaitis and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(March 2022)

Podcast with Pete Mockaitis

Karin Hurt, David Dye, and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(January 2024)

Tony D’Urso and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(October 2023)

Dave Hilton and
Dr. Ralph Kilmann
(April 2013)

Conflict Specialists Show

TKI Whiteboard

Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann and the TKI Assessment Tool

Why Create A Conflict Management Tool?

Learning to Use Different
TKI Conflict Modes

Modifying Instructions to the TKI Instrument

Leadership and Conflict Within Organizations

Conflict Management
Case Study in Spain

A Customer’s Experience:
Taking the TKI Assessment

Here’s Robin Williams!
Conflict on Sesame Street

Pastor Rick Warren Presents
A Christian Approach to
Conflict Resolution *

* NOTE: The key principles and practices of the major religions are fundamentally aligned with the Kilmann Diagnostics mission of resolving conflict throughout the world from the highest stages of human consciousness: love, joy, peace, and compassion. This 1-hour video provides just one example (in this case, a Christian perspective) of the striking consistency in the key lessons from organized religion, individual spirituality, and the scientific research on conflict management, change management, and quantum transformation.

The Kilmann
Conflict Instrument

Watch Dr. Ralph Kilmann’s
“Welcome and Overview” for
Each of His Online Courses

This media player enables you to experience an abridged version of Dr. Ralph Kilmann’s “Welcome and Overview” for every one of his online courses on conflict, change, consciousness, and transformation. By watching these informative videos (which vary from 6 to 12 minutes each), you’ll enjoy an engaging preview of what’s provided in more than 50 hours of videos, cases, exercises, and other educational materials in The Complete Program of 11 online courses and 9 assessment tools.

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