Course Manuals For Our Online Courses

Enjoy the professionally designed materials that complement all our video presentations


Each of our online courses includes a beautifully designed manual. Participants can follow along with Dr. Kilmann’s presentations, since both the onscreen slides and the Course Manuals have matching page numbers.

In terms of content, the Course Manuals contain a thumbnail image of every onscreen slide, reference information, Dr. Kilmann’s personalized notes, and ample room for note taking. Some of the manuals also contain a case study that illuminates the key lessons learned, self-report assessment tools, and work sheets for analyzing the results of these assessments, while also having the opportunity to put newly learned skills to good use.

Only registered participants in our online courses have access to our Course Manuals. But if you click on this link, See Sample Manual, you’ll discover—and can then download—the first ten pages of the 134-page Course Manual for ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management.

Four Snapshots of Facing Pages

For your convenience, below are four screenshots from the Course Manual for ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management, so you can get a quick glimpse at the very beautiful design of all our course materials.

Pages 0-1
Pages 6-7
Pages 52-53
Pages 100-101

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