Expanding Consciousness in the Workplace: A Podcast Interview

Posted by Ralph H. Kilmann

Expanding Consciousness in the Workplace: A Podcast Interview

Ralph H. Kilmann, co-author of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)

Here is Vered Kogan’s introduction to her podcast interview with me:

Many organizations routinely launch campaigns intended to spark a change of culture among their workforces—yet often, any practical changes are short-lived, failing to bring about true transformation in employee behavior or the ways in which complex problems are approached. According to Ralph Kilmann, our guest in Episode 104 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, the reason why change initiatives do not succeed in the long term can be traced to a cultural norm that prevents employees from bringing their full selves—including their collected traumas—into the workplace. As an internationally recognized authority on systems change with an expertise in conflict management, change management, expanding consciousness and quantum transformation, In this episode, Dr. Kilmann discusses the following:

  • The concept of expanded consciousness—or moving from an egocentric worldview through different levels to one that is spirit-centric—and how expanding consciousness can benefit organizations
  • Why commitment from senior leaders is integral for bringing about organizational change
  • Different assessment tools that organizations can use to navigate change and conflict management, including the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI), the Organizational Belief Survey, and the Organizational Courage Assessment
  • A sequence of eight tracks that can lead to lasting change and long-term organizational success
  • Four foundational inner conflicts that everyone—and particularly senior leaders—need to resolve in order to effectively approach external conflicts


And here is the podcast:



Kilmann Diagnostics offers a series of eleven recorded online courses and nine assessment tools on the four timeless topics: conflict management, change management, consciousness, and transformation. By taking these courses and passing the Final Exams, you can earn your Certification in Conflict and Change Management with the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI). For the most up-to-date and comprehensive discussion of Dr. Kilmann’s theories and methods, see his 2021 Legacy Book: Creating a Quantum Organization: The Whys & Hows of Implementing Eight Tracks for Long-term success.