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An Amazon Five-Star Review


“I have been using the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) with my students and corporate clients for many years…coaching/teaching them on how to approach conflict in a much more effective and satisfying manner. Reading Kilmann’s TKI book showed me the many ways in which conflict is not just between two people (as in interpersonal conflict), but all kinds of conflicts also occur between people and their organizations, what Kilmann refers to as systems and processes. These surrounding systems include the culture of the work units, the strategy and structure of the organization, the reward system, and the processes and procedures that flow within and across work units.

“But most inspiring in this new book was Kilmann’s discussion of the four foundational INNER conflicts that significantly affect how a person then approaches all their other, OUTER conflicts at home and at work. It was refreshing to see how the TKI Conflict Model can be used to resolve such INNER conflicts as: (1) Am I a physical body OR an energy body? (2) Is my behavior governed by my ego OR my soul? (3) Are my surrounding systems completely outside of me, OR are such systems an integral aspect of who I am? (4) Have I resolved my primal, past relationships (with parents, guardians, and any perpetrators) OR am I still living with unresolved wounds from those earlier traumas that interfere with my relationships in the present?

“I highly recommend this book for everyone who has ever used the TKI assessment tool and thus appreciates how we have to understand and manage conflict much better in today’s highly diverse, fast-paced, interconnected, chaotic, and increasingly conflicted world.” — Judy P. Strauss, Ph.D., former Professor of Business Administration, California State University, Long Beach

An Amazon Five-Star Review




“I would like to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude towards Dr. Kenneth W. Thomas and Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann, who originally designed the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). Their work has revolutionized the field of conflict resolution, and this book is but a modest attempt to shed further light on their outstanding model.”‘Mastering the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument’ stands as a towering achievement in the study and practical application of conflict resolution. The author has breathed fresh life into the TKI model with insightful interpretations and usable strategies. It’s rare to find a guide so thorough and yet so accessible.

“This book is a testament to the enduring relevance of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument. It’s gratifying to see our work so thoughtfully expanded upon. The author has delved deep into the complexities of conflict management and emerged with a book that is both practical and enlightening.” — Adriana Fellipelli, Owner and CEO, Fellipelli Instrumentos de Diagnóstico e Desenvolvimento Organizacional, Sao Paulo, Brazil

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“The TKI assessment tool is one of my favorite self-report instruments: It’s easy to administer, interpret, and then help people realize that conflict is not bad per se, but can be a golden opportunity to learn more from others as well as about others.

“Dr. Kilmann’s new book clearly demonstrates how conflict management is at the very heart of every organizational problem, and it’s only by managing conflict especially well that members can successfully define and solve their most troublesome and nagging organizational problems. Dr. Kilmann also shows that by implementing a series of eight tracks (starting with culture, then critical thinking skills training, then team building, next revitalizing the formal systems, etc.), any of an organization’s systems and processes can then be transformed to actively support effective conflict management on every important problem and situation.

“While I thought I already knew all about the TKI and conflict management, this book showed me many more useful applications that pertain to managing conflicts and problems, including the importance of resolving our INNER conflicts since that determines how we then approach all our interpersonal and systems conflicts—not to mention how we can address the most devastating conflicts of all: civil and international wars.” — Molly Smith, Student of Conflict Management, Charleston, South Carolina

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“Kilmann’s TKI Book lives up to its promise: The illustrations throughout the book are absolutely beautiful and they capture the key lessons and principles on how to transform conflict-ridden organizations into a much healthier and creative systems of work for achieving long-term success, while, at the same time, empowering members to treat one another with care, kindness, dignity, and respect. Given the unhealthy conflict that we have been witnessing with increased intensity in this world today, Kilmann provides a way to change the course of our human evolution as well as for healing the planet as a whole so members of society can find their true calling, become fully empowered in the workplace, and live meaningful lives by contributing to something larger than themselves.

“Managing conflict more effectively is a win/win for everyone except, perhaps, for those traditional leaders who crave to continue ruling the lives of others from an egocentric and ethnocentric perspective.” — Nancy Nicholas, J.D., Corporate Attorney, Aliso Viejo, California

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“I was introduced to Kilmann’s Thomas-Kilmann Instrument when studying for my Ph.D. at New York University. His conflict model is used internationally to demonstrate conflict resolutions. I found the model to be extremely useful to my career but also in my personal life. I have followed Kilmann’s writing ever since. This book is the culmination of all his research and consulting practice with the TKI tool. This book synthesizes all of his important and relevant TKI work and shows us how to approach conflict in all kinds of situations. This book introduces the reader to all of Kilmann’s techniques for negotiating conflict in all aspects of our lives. It also shows us how to improve our well-being.

“Dr. Kilmann gives the reader the tools necessary to improve how they manage conflict in their personal lives and at work in some organization. It also may be a model for creating change at a societal level, including how to reduce the conflicts that lead to civil wars and international wars.

“I highly recommend this book for everyone interested in handling conflict in a positive manner.” — Amy Hurley-Hanson, Ph.D. Professor of Management, Argyros School of Business & Economics, Chapman University, Orange, California.

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“When I saw that Dr. Kilmann had just published his first book that focused entirely on the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI), it was important for me to see his new book on conflict management. I was delighted and thrilled to learn many additional applications of the TKI Conflict Model to organizations… now fully realizing that conflict management is not just about resolving interpersonal differences among people, but that our organizations as a whole regularly push employees into severe conflict with their surrounding systems and procedures. It was fascinating to see how Kilmann’s eight tracks to long-term success (culture, skills, teams, strategy-structure, reward systems, and the three process tracks) can adapt those organizational systems to purposely support effective conflict management in the workplace, which then can produce high performance and satisfaction for all key stakeholders. It’s one thing to focus my attention on marketing the sculptures and paintings in my art business. But, most important, I must also make sure that my organization’s systems and processes provide the kind of healthy environment that truly empowers employees to resolve their most important conflicts and problems, day in and day out.

“I highly recommend this book for all business owners and senior managers, since it will open your eyes to the systems that, in the end, produce the desired results, based on how well conflict is being managed, no matter what products or services your business provides to its customers and clients.” — Rich MacDonald, President, Dawson Cole Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

The TKI Book in Dawson Cole Fine Art

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“I was one of Ralph Kilmann’s doctoral students at the University of Pittsburgh, so I know him personally and have been following/utilizing his research for many years. As a university administrator and a consultant to organizations across many sectors, I have relied on Dr. Kilmann’s conflict instrument along with the TKI Conflict Model throughout my professional career. In his new book, Mastering the TKI, Dr. Kilmann continues to both refine and expand theory and practice for those of us seeking to better understand how to help people and organizations improve their conflict-handling behavior.

“In his most recent book, he has created a comprehensive blueprint that will help companies and people work through conflicts interfering with organizational effectiveness. Facing conflict and managing it well for all concerned has always been a challenge for both individuals and organizations, and never more so than at a time of unprecedented disruption of commonly accepted business practice and tradition.

“This book will be an important resource for individuals and organizations choosing to manage all kinds of conflicts in more effective ways.” — Teresa Joyce, Ph.D., former Professor of Management and Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Kennesaw State University, Georgia

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“As the CEO of a $100 million wholesale company in Southern California I have found that creating a healthy culture and work environment is crucial to our success. One of the key factors of creating this healthy culture is recognizing and having the tools to deal with the conflict that is present every day in business.

“I find that this book gives a deeper understanding of the TKI instrument and will give you a practical and condensed working tool for not only your business, but also your personal relationships.” —  Paul A. Villa, CEO, Great West Produce

An Amazon Five-Star Review


“As a previous HR executive for multinational corporations, I regularly faced the challenge of managing all kinds of conflicts: interpersonal conflicts, team conflicts, organizational conflicts and inter-organizational conflicts. In this book, Dr. Kilmann provides us with everything he has learned from using his TKI assessment tool in many different settings during the past 50 years since the TKI was first published. It is wonderful that we now have, in one source, all Dr. Kilmann’s insights and lessons learned from using his renowned assessment tool.

“Chapters 11 and 14 are my favorite ones. Chapter 11 addresses the INNER conflicts that then shape who people address all their OUTER CONFLICTS. I have never before seen the TKI Conflict Model applied to a person’s inner challenges. Chapter 14 then extends our understanding of “consciousness” to consider the complex causes of civil wars and international wars, and how to establish world peace in the future. After reading Chapter 14, I was left with a much deeper understanding of how the various stages of consciousness lead to war… or to peace. If only our politicians across the planet would truly understand this material and then apply it to their political lives and who they serve.

“I highly recommend this book to all HR executives, management consultants, executive coaches, leadership trainers, organizational development practitioners- in short anyone and everyone who deals with challenging conflicts on a daily basis.” — Theresa Lim, former HR executive, Toshiba, Singapore

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