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Ralph H. Kilmann’s landmark book has received insightful comments by consultants, scholars, and executives. These leading experts recognize the revolutionary ideas that are completely integrated and colorfully presented in Quantum Organizations: A New Paradigm for Achieving Organizational Success and Personal Meaning.


“This book will blow your mind wide open to new and exciting possibilities. Quantum Organizations is an intellectual and practical tour de force, weaving together contemporary discoveries in physics, consciousness, and social science into the most extraordinarily original view of organizational success and personal meaning anyone has yet offered. Kilmann’s brilliance isn’t just his highly original framework. Quantum Organizations moves from theory to action by laying down the steps, systems, and structures that will enable us to transform ourselves. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned with designing and leading organizations in this new millennium.”—James M. Kouzes, Chairman Emeritus, Tom Peters Company; coauthor of The Leadership Challenge and Encouraging the Heart

“A very thoughtful and thought-provoking look at new organizational forms and the roles of people and processes within them. Kilmann connects the new sciences with new requirements for responsive organizations in a unique fashion.”—Thomas H. Davenport, Director, Accenture Institute for Strategic Change; Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Babson College; coauthor of Working Knowledge

“Ralph Kilmann has written a provocative book that challenges many of our basic assumptions about organizations and change. It calls into question many of the ways that we think about the phenomena around us. A stimulating and thought provoking work.”—David A. Nadler, Ph.D., Chairman, Mercer Delta Consulting, LLC; author of Champions of Change



“A uniquely creative contribution that illuminates the darkness of complex human systems—with special significance for self-understanding.”—Warren Bennis, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California; author of Managing the Dream

“His search for better organizational concepts and more effective transformations of organizations spurred Ralph Kilmann to explore cutting-edge writings about cosmology, human development, neuroscience, and physics. The result is a book that advocates the creation of organizations that appreciate and tap the potentialities of their members—quantum organizations. An experienced organizational consultant, Kilmann proposes a wide variety of practical change initiatives that can help today’s organizations approach the quantum form.”—William H. Starbuck, Ph.D., ITT Professor of Creative Management, New York University; coeditor of Handbook of Organization Design

“Quantum Organizations takes serious time to read not because it is difficult to understand, but because it differs so much from what we are accustomed to reading about the corporate world. But those who take the necessary time to think about the new paradigm suggested here will be generously rewarded. The book is too important to ignore. Serious readers will acquire provocative insights and practical ideas for approaching the complex business challenges they face.”—Gerald Zaltman, Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

“There is little doubt that today’s organizations need a heavy jolt and most managers need a good dose of mind-bending ideas. Kilmann’s book does both. It is not an easy read; you have to stay with it to shake up your familiar ways of seeing, believing, and being.”—Terrence E. Deal, Ph.D., Irving R. Melbo Professor of Education, University of Southern California; coauthor of Leading with Soul and Corporate Celebration

“Ralph Kilmann’s new book explores the revolutionary ideas of the emerging paradigm in Western science and applies them successfully to the world of organizations and management. At this critical time of human history, this is a groundbreaking work.”—Stanislov Grof, MD; consciousness researcher; author of The Adventure of Self-Discovery, Beyond the Brain, and Psychology of the Future

“Ralph Kilmann has woven together a highly readable book containing threads drawn from new ideas in physics. His paradigm shifting theories are accessible, enlightening, and, most importantly, enjoyable.”—Leonard Shlain, MD; author of Art & Physics and The Alphabet Versus the Goddess



“Quantum Organizations is destined to revolutionize how we think about organizations and people. Recruiting, developing, and retaining members must explicitly include their desire for self-awareness and personal meaning. Initiatives for improving organizations must also ensure that all members have the vital skills for self-managing their work life in a conscious manner. Kilmann’s book offers not only a new paradigm for understanding conscious living, but also spells out the journey for achieving organizational success. No other book illuminates the true essence of transformation so insightfully and systematically.”—William C. Byham, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO, Development Dimensions International; author of Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment

“Finally, a book that looks at organizations the way they really are! This book takes the reader to the smallest element of being and explains the dynamic complexity of organizations and their implications on behavior like none I have seen. It is destined to become the leading edge for organization transformation this century. It is a 21st century forecast providing us a quantum leap into the future of organizational theory. The text and extraordinary use of graphics clearly offer ways to expand the reader’s mind and shatter old myths about how organizations are structured and behave.”—Joseph J. Colosimo, Senior Vice President, Organization Resources Counselors, Inc. (ORC); formerly a senior executive with Westinghouse, UtiliCorp, and Ford

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