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The Complete program for online courses by Ralph Kilmann

Kilmann Diagnostics offers you an Interest-Free Payment Plan for our two course collections:

1. The Complete Program (TCP) of our eleven online courses (plus two free TKIs)

2. The TKI Package (TKIP) of our three courses in conflict management (plus two free TKIs)

No payment plan, however, is available for either individual or group purchases of our separate online courses, the TKI assessment, or our other assessment tools.

Regarding a purchase of The Complete Program for yourself or for 1 to 4 group members, an initial payment of $500 per person is required (before TCP is placed in everyone’s private account), which is then followed by a scheduled payment every two months for eight months (three payments of $500 per person and a final payment of $475 per person), which brings the total payments to $2,475 per person.

Regarding a purchase of The Complete Program for 5 or more group members, the final payment is $175 per member (instead of $475 per member), which sets the quantity discount price for TCP at $2,175 per member: a savings of $300 per member.

When you add “The Complete Program — Interest-Free Payment Plan” to your cart below and then complete your initial $500 payment, you thereby authorize Kilmann Diagnostic to schedule the remaining four partial payments (per person) by using your same payment method. You also agree to accept full responsibility for keeping that charge card active and up to date. And if that card happens to be declined for any reason, you agree to make the required payment yourself with a valid charge card number directly on our website: Special Payments. We will then use that same card number to schedule any remaining required payments on your account.

If you are purchasing The Complete Program for someone else or for several clients or group members, after you complete your checkout, download The KD_Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts and follow the instructions. Even if you are purchasing this course collection for only one other person, still send us a completed spreadsheet for just this one person.

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