LIVE Workshops

Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) provides organizations, departments, work groups, and teams with an integrated sequence of LIVE programs (half-day, full-day, and two-day workshops), conveniently held in the company's own facilities (either in-house or at a local hotel or conference center).

Our highly interactive—experiential—workshops will inspire executives, managers, and all members to develop the behavioral skills for effectively applying the extensive knowledge that is already available in our series of online courses and assessment tools—always taking into account the informal and formal systems (culture, strategy, structure, and the reward system) that fuel all complex problems and conflicts.

TKI Live Workshop 1

As an example, our two-day TKI Live Workshop Level 1 will deepen members' skills for two of our online courses: BASIC Training in Conflict Management and GROUP Training in Conflict Management. Some time later, our two day TKI Live Workshop Level 2 will further improve members' skills for our eight-hour course: ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management. 

Organizational participants who wish to experience our LIVE Workshops in their local facilities are asked to take the relevant online courses (which, along with two TKI assessments, are included in the pricing of these workshops) before the workshop begins, so the discussions during the live workshop can quickly move beyond the knowledge that is presented on our online platform.


TKI Profile

Conflict Management and Change Management

Eventually, all the integrated materials in The Complete Program of our eleven online courses and eight assessment tools will be offered through a sequence of LIVE, in-house workshops for all types and sizes of organizations in the U.S, Canada, and other countries around the globe—to fully activate this Quantum Wheel. 

If your organization, department, or team is interested in providing our LIVE workshops to your members on the timeless topics of conflict management, change management, expanding consciousness, and quantum transformation, please Contact Us to learn more about the specific content and learning outcomes of our series of in-house programs, the logistics for arranging these workshops for your members, and pricing information.

Once the logical and payment arrangements have been finalized for one or more workshops, you'll be asked to complete our KD_Spreadsheet (which will list the first name, last name, and email address of each participant), so we can then assign the relevant online courses and assessment tools to each person's private account on our website.