Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) is in process of developing an integrated sequence of LIVE EVENTS to help practitioners effectively use all the integral knowledge that is available through our online courses and assessment tools. In particular, we are creating a sequence of in-person, two-day workshops that will allow trainers, coaches, consultants, mediators, and facilitators to enhance their knowledge and skills for applying the TKI assessment to various interpersonal, group, and organizational settings—always taking into account the informal and formal systems (culture, strategy, structure, and the reward system) that fuel all complex problems and conflicts.

TKI Live Workshop 1We will soon release our schedule for our first two-day workshop: TKI Live Workshop Level 1.

The TKI Live Workshop Level 1 will deepen your skills for two of our online courses: BASIC Training in Conflict Management and GROUP Training in Conflict Management. Shortly thereafter, the next two-day workshop will be offered: The TKI Live Workshop Level 2. The latter workshop will deepen your skills for our eight-hour flagship course: ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management. 

Practitioners who wish to experience our LIVE EVENTS must first complete the relevant online course(s), so the live workshop discussions can quickly move beyond the knowledge that is already available on our online platform.

TKI Profile

Building on what has already been acquired in one or more of our recorded online courses, our two-day LIVE workshops will encourage in-depth question-and-answer dialogue among diverse participants as well as experiential exercises to deepen the fundamental skills for effectively applying Dr. Kilmann's extensive materials within complex organizational settings. 

To be clear: Such a deepening of applied knowledge and the further development of key training and consulting skills are just not possible to acquire from online education alone. Although our recorded courses serve the purpose of helping participants understand the essence of conflict management, change management, expanding consciousness, and quantum transformation, many of our customers have been asking us for opportunities to talk about all the material live with other experienced practitioners in the field and, most important, opportunities to enhance their skills for actually using the integral knowledge that's provided in our online courses. As a result of this blended learning, individuals, groups, and organizations will be equipped to manage conflict and change, expand their consciousness, and transform their systems—which will enable them to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. 

Conflict Management and Change Management

We are very excited about extending the reach of Kilmann Diagnostics from strictly online instruction to our upcoming Live Events, since such blended learning will combine the best of both worlds: (1) learning the knowledge of conflict, change, consciousness, and transformation directly from the author who created this timeless material through the instant accessibility of recorded online courses and (2) having the opportunity to deepen the essential skills for professionally applying this completely integrated knowledge though LIVE dialogue, practice, experiential exercises, practice, case studies, and more practice. Eventually, all the material in The Complete Program of our eleven online courses and eight assessment tools will be organized into LIVE workshops—in the U.S, Canada, and other countries.