Codie Lee McQuay

Codie Lee McQuayCodie Lee McQuay is the Strategic Director for Kilmann Diagnostics, which is headquartered in Newport Coast, California. She currently resides in Victoria BC, Canada. There, at the University of Victoria, she has studied psychology. She has also received several certifications in integral coaching (for individuals and groups), health and nutrition coaching, and permaculture.

In her capacity as Strategic Director, Codie is dedicated to sustaining an adaptive, dynamic alignment of KD's mission with its strategic planning, marketing, and sales processes—always ensuring that all interactions with KD's partners and prospective clients are being guided by the same key principles and practices that are demonstrated throughout KD's series of online courses and assessment tools.

Codie is overjoyed to be an active—empowered—member of the KD team. In many ways, it's a dream come true: From a young age, she's been passionate about working with all kinds of organizations and has spent the past decade in what she calls doing "her foundational work." From participating in yoga and therapeutic singing to conducting integral coaching sessions with executives and top-management teams, she has gradually become an advocate for the Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) movement: to assist organizations in broadening their strategic mission and their inner capacity to serve a much larger network of external stakeholders. Not surprisingly, Codie finds pleasure in focusing and aligning an organization's formal and informal systems in order to enable individuals and groups to flourish to the fullest. With a background in sales and project management, she loves assessing very challenging situations and then recommending the most effective blended learning solutions that can make a huge difference in people's personal lives—including the health of their organizations and human society as a whole.

After becoming Certified in Conflict Management and Change Management in September 2017 (by successfully completing the seven required exams for KD's The Complete Program), Codie found herself enraptured by the possibilities of implementing the eight tracks for transforming sluggish organizations into quantum organizations. If you ask her, she'll tell you that transforming organizations from the highest levels of human consciousness is the quintessential project for creating the very best future for humanity and our planet. She holds big dreams that organizations can be vehicles for radical social change and looks forward to helping that dream become a reality with her role at Kilmann Diagnostics. 

At this time, Codie Lee McQuay is the only certified KD practitioner whom Dr. Kilmann has authorized to present, on his behalf, his completely integrated program of eight tracks for quantum transformation to prospective clients. She is thus eager to speak to anyone looking for more information or guidance about any of KD's 11 online courses and 8 assessment tools, and looks forward to actively supporting the holistic movement toward quantum organizations that's rapidly taking root throughout the world.

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