TKI 1 Experiential Workshop on April 10–11, 2019, in Los Angeles

TKI Live Workshop 1Kilmann Diagnostics is offering a highly experiential, two-day workshop. This live experience will enable trainers, coaches, consultants, mediators, and facilitators to deepen their knowledge and skills for applying the TKI assessment to various interpersonal and group settings.

Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann, the co-creator of the TKI as well as the developer of all our online courses and other assessment tools, will be attending this workshop in Los Angeles, so you will have a chance to interact with him throughout the program.




Wednesday, April 10 to Thursday, April 11, 2019


Los Angeles, California
Doubletree by Hilton Los Angeles - Westside
6161 West Centinela Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230

(844) 581-6897

Dress code:

Casual (hence, comfortable)


8:00am - 8:30am on April 10

Workshop Time:

The workshop will begin promptly at 9am and run until 5pm

Lunch will not be provided, but sufficient time will be allotted to venture out to a local restaurant.



KD Live LogoWhile our recorded online courses serve the purpose of helping participants understand the essence of topics such as conflict and change management, our KD LIVE workshop will provide the opportunity to develop the skills needed to effectively apply this knowledge into real life situations. Specifically, this workshop will deepen your skills for two of our recorded online courses: BASIC Training in Conflict Management and GROUP Training in Conflict Management.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

  1. Describe the dimensions and the modes within the TKI Conflict Model
  2. Differentiate between effective and ineffective expressions of the 5 conflict modes
  3. Intentionally choose the mode based on the situation
  4. Identify the impact of bias on conflict management
  5. Use the TKI to deepen self-awareness
  6. Interpret TKI results and explain what information the TKI does and does not provide
  7. Use a systematic approach to read a situation
  8. Apply modified instructions to the individual and group profiles
  9. Construct and interpret a Group TKI Profile
  10. Construct and interpret an Organizational TKI Profile
  11. Outline how the Self and System fit into the Complex Hologram (i.e., The Big Picture)
  12. Increase your mindfulness and confidence in managing all conflict situations


Below is a summary of some of the topics that will be covered on each day:

Day One

  • What is conflict?
  • The Five Modes
  • Using and Choosing the Modes
  • Dysfunctional & Functional Expressions
  • Interpreting an Individual TKI Profile
  • Inside Group and Outside Group
  • Modifying the TKI Instructions

Day Two

  • Exaggerated Modes
  • Constructing Group Profiles
  • Extreme Situations
  • The System vs. Self Conflict
  • Improving Conflict Management in the Workplace


The price of the two-day workshop is $1,700 per person, which includes:

You are responsible for your own travel costs, lodging, and all meals.

In the event that you should have to cancel your registration for any reason prior to the scheduled two-day workshop, we will transfer your paid registration to the same two-day workshop at another date and, if necessary, in another location.

How to register

        1. At the bottom of this page, enter the number of registrations you are purchasing and then click: Add to Cart. You can register for yourself, someone else, or several other people.
        2. If you have purchased the workshop for one or more other persons, download The Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts and follow the instructions.

Basically, in the case of purchasing a registration for either one other person or for several persons (whether that includes yourself or not), we ask you to fill in the KD_Spreadsheet with everyone's first name, last name, and email address. When we import your spreadsheet into our website, a private username account is then established for each person on your spreadsheet and an account email is immediately sent to each person with step-by-step instructions for taking the two online courses and the two TKI assessments.



In preparation for the workshop, each participant is asked to complete the following:

  1. The two online courses, included in your registration: BASIC Training in Conflict Management and GROUP Training in Conflict Management. Knowing this material beforehand will then allow the live discussions during the workshop to quickly move beyond the knowledge that is already provided on our online platform.
  2. The two TKI assessments that are included in your registration.


How to take your two online courses

  1. Log into your private account... using the link right underneath "User Login" on the left side of our website.
  2. Click on the link "My Online Courses" on the top-left side of the screen.
  3. A new page will open that will provide a link for taking your two online courses. Click the link to start your courses.


How to take your two TKI assessments

  1. Log into your private account... using the link right underneath "User Login" on the left side of our website.
  2. Click on "My Two TKIs" on the top-left side of the screen.
  3. A new page will open that will provide the instructions for taking your two TKI assessments on the publisher's website. Complete the first TKI with the instructions for INSIDE your group... and then complete the second TKI with the instructions for OUTSIDE your group.
  4. Print a copy of your two TKI Reports (one for INSIDE and one for OUTSIDE) and bring both copies to the workshop. We will be using these TKI results throughout the two-day program.



Price: $1,700.00